Limitless Earth is a resource management game. Build a civilization using the earth’s natural resources. Strike a balance between advancing technology and producing materials.  While the resources are vast, they are still limited.  Advance through the ages quickly but carefully, or else the world will end!  Available for the iPhone, iPad and Android operating systems…. Read Article →

File 21 First, break the line of numbers up into threes. What does a set of 3 numbers (001) have to do with the three colors shown? File 22 The first line is shown as a list of instructions with the instructions to perform underneath it. File 23 Add each of the top circles to… Read Article →

File 16 The 5 button code to the right of the maze tells you which direction to move. File 17 These arrows will show you which direction the next button is from the last button. File 18 If the arrow is pointing at an A or Y, then that’s the button code, if its pointing… Read Article →

File 11 4 circles represent the arrangement of the buttons on the controller. These, however, have all been squished together. After pressing the first code, mentally erase the top, bottom and left circle from the image and continue with the rest of the code. File 12 It says to press Y after B. This means… Read Article →

File 6 The boxed area shows the Key and the bottom area shows the result after pressing all 5 buttons. File 7 Each box represents a button, start at A. File 8 The Y axis represents what button to press and the X axis represents when to press it. File 9 Follow the pattern, the… Read Article →

Top Hackers: Hack This Game 4 Meet the top 3:ARMYSQUAD98, RedWings767 and Whippersnapper6. Congratulations to all top hackers in completing Hack This Game 4! ARMYSQUAD98 RedWings767 Whippersnapper6 f0rc3 f33din Zeta Neubourn Foxoftherock Se7enBishie Withersoul83 XaperZ uranneblofl fluffysteal Classick BK MR Has Cauchy Sequence Gnuk 800 DynasticCraig78 Chibdanam joepatches Tr3yst3r64 Endoiz Josaphish DameonElite Mr D000VDE BioSAINT Fighting… Read Article →

Login The buttons have colors too. File 1 Enter code from small to large. File 2 Rearrange each according to the arrow path. File 3 Start at each button and press the button the arrow is pointing to. File 4 A is both 0 and 360 degrees, spin it clockwise for the rest. Robot mini… Read Article →

Hack This Game 4 This is our 4th and final installment of the popular Hack This Game series. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of you for your support and we hope you have as much fun playing this final edition as we had making it! As always, the first 3 to finish… Read Article →

Last year Utopioneer Games teamed up with K7-Games to develop larger scale games. We are proud to announce our first title “2012” under the company name Gliese Games. 2012 is available now on the Xbox live indie channel. The Mayan calendar predicts the end of the world to fall December 21, 2012. To find the… Read Article →

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