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The Hack This Game series of games present the player with a series of difficult puzzles and hacking mini games. Cost: 80 MS Points            

Let your creativity out with 3D PixelArt Studio! Using colored pixels, create any shape you like on a 3D canvas.  

Another site design update! This should be the last one, things are finally looking and working the way we want them to.

Play Beer Pong with your friends! Either test your skill against a computer, or play with up to 4 players in a two on two match. Cup and drink counter will keep track of how many shots you’ve sunk as well as how many drinks you’ve had. Trickshot lets you test your skills against different… Read Article →

1000 Spanish flashcards. Keeps a score for every word so you can concentrate on problem areas. Mark words you want to exclude. Word lists to organize words you haven’t seen, words you’re practicing, words you marked, and words you’ve mastered. Check your progress with a 10 day chart, and earn Stickers! Cost: 80 MS Points

Use skill and precision to guide the piece of sushi into the dish of soy sauce! Cost: 80 MS Points

Learn German on your xbox with 1000 flashcards featuring the most commonly used words. Cost: 80 MS Points

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