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File 21 There are two things you should take notice of. The color of the tint and what button is missing in each of the tints. The color of the tint will give you the position information and the missing button will give you the button information. File 22 Set the tint to the first… Read Article →

Kingdom Kingdom is a strategy game about earning gold, building soldiers and controlling land. Some features: Play through a tutorial to get familiar with the pieces and strategy. Play on 50 different campaign maps. Different play settings, control land, earn money or conquer the enemy. Earn medals for going above and beyond. 5 Unique pieces… Read Article →

File 16 Notice the pattern in each of the columns. There is one column with no letters, what would this column start with? File 17 The left side of this file shows an example. There are three strange symbols, the first being the most complex. Notice how the second and third symbol put together make… Read Article →

File 11 If you get “cold” even once you will have to restart. Try solving this code one button at a time. File 12 In Binary code numbers are represented with just 0 and 1. 0 = 00, 1 = 01, 2 = 10, 3 = 11. File 13 The top section shows the translation… Read Article →

File 6 Each icon gives a hint about the clue. The first icon shows A on the second highest pedestal. How would this translate to a 5 button code? File 7 Start with 1, and multiply by 2 until you have 5 answers. File 8 Each of these segments can be assigned a numerical equivalent… Read Article →

Top Hackers: Hack This Game 3 Meet the top 3: Cauchy Sequence (top 3 twice!), Bojangles 118 and Gourmet Race. Congratulations to all top hackers in completing Hack This Game 3! Cauchy Sequence Bojangles 118 Gourmet Race hellokupo StarF68 Psyloreever BlackRamboJesus ThrahxVaug13 LooKBeHiNDYou07 the pure effekt JcorElite TG REAPERx87 hbb162 ICHIGO GOMENASI t3fury hortnon DRz… Read Article →

Login Each arrow translates to a button on the controller. File 1 This time the arrows represent a direction, follow the arrows to get the code. File 2 How would this file look if the middle line was a mirror? File 3 More arrows? This time they represent both direction and buttons. Follow the path… Read Article →

Hack This Game 3 Our third installment of the popular Hack This Game series is now available on Xbox live. Play through puzzles of increasing difficulty and take on the new supercomputer. Some features: Work your way through files, each one requiring a unique password. Figure out each password using the clues on screen. Match… Read Article →

Coming soon to Xbox Live Indie Games… 3D Pixel Art Studio   Create anything you want in a 3D world using pixel blocks. Some features: Make models using a variety of building materials, including blocks, spheres, “Blocko” blocks and more See your creation in a 3D room or a customizable background color Create in either… Read Article →

File 21 Every country has an international calling code. File 22 These boxes represent cards. The bottom set is the code and the top set is the key. Each suit represents a button. File 23 Get this one wrong and the numbers will change, but the pattern stays the same. Look only in the first… Read Article →

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