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File 16 We have already given you the first and last button code. How would you represent a sheep with just three letters? File 17 Where do each of these things come from? File 18 Another science question? How familiar are you with chemistry? File 19 Something is done to each of these numbers to… Read Article →

File 11 Imagine starting at the center of a compass, this tells you to go west once then east once and you are back at the center. File 12 Each set of numbers (x,y) are points on a graph. For example (1,1) (1,-1) (-1,-1) (-1,1) is a square. File 13 This code is in Braille,… Read Article →

File 6 Every time you see “resetting code…” the answer will change. Duplicates stay up twice as long. File 7 The numbers on screen are positioned similarly to the buttons on the controller. Now which button do you press first? File 8 The code at the bottom doesn’t seem to do anything. If you change… Read Article →

Login Translate the password using this key: A = % B = ! X = # Y = @ File 1 Ignore the letters, they will not help you. File 2 Each circle represents a button. When the buttons overlap, they make a new color. File 3 Music notes use letters as their names. File… Read Article →

Top Hackers: Hack This Game 2 LordRockyV Sidmonk Cauchy Sequence ShinryuReishiki LOLANDamirite LadyKaos2008 bopx SpaghettiCatt Triippy Shroomz miamiking9 GeeQ Magnisi TraxsData Happy Houston SquareEnix19 LeefellBarkhoon save baird GAMEFREAK21895 bros in war Rookfighter Nickthestick323 DAV1D KP94 xRickoshay AutomatedUser thefrickinsh1zz f0rc3 f33din Classick BK l0n91nus wassaname bty IITz IHaVoK and saharris91 Ender1243 Psychophobie and girlfriend Surrilian Dr… Read Article →

We have our top three hackers! 1. LordRockyV      2. Cauchy Sequence     3. ShinryuReishiki A special congratulations to ShinryuReishiki for being one of the top hackers of both hack this game 1 and 2 Congratulations to all others that have completed the game, we will be posting a Top Hackers list shortly. *Update* A top… Read Article →

We are giving away a free copy of Hack This Game 2 every day for a week starting on release day. Sign up for our newsletter to enter the contest. On release day (TBA), we will select one random e-mail to send a code good for a free download. We will do this every day… Read Article →

Here are the hints for this week (File 21 – File 24): File 21 ———- The key here is chess. If you’re still unsure, ask a chess player. File 22———- Plug the numbers into the equation. A=1, B=2, X=3 and Y=4…what about 5,6,7,8,etc? File 23———- This appears to be binary, but translates into nonsense. Try… Read Article →

Here are the hints for this week (File 16 – File 19): File 16 ———- Imagine if your keyboard keys were in alphabetical order. Pretend that they are and try typing a message, if you were to type ABCDEF you would get QWERTY. File 17———- This to do list could look very different and still… Read Article →

Here are the hints for this week (File 11 – File 14): File 11 ———- In a time before telephones this was used as communication. If you aren’t sure, try googling Samuel Morse. File 12———- A + A = B X + A = Y B – Y = X Each of these letters represents… Read Article →

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