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Top Hackers LiquidAg Superhands88 ShinryuReishiki xI BiG EZ Ix fingers440 and Purple Nymbus LadyKaos2008 Psychophobie Se7enBishie LessCharley Ikuto Tohoin Master Chun dp00110111010 and Equivocal Plum xX AXYS Xx and K9Krunchies FcY CaPTain SR Sy Illusions mexicanironman0 KLRSx Delirium SR Brainstew Zevarix pryce22 sunofman20 BadRubberPiggy WTD xFirmChaffx Dragon Hookers Cpt Barnes KLRSx Oblivion and KLRSx Hysteria… Read Article →

Two people have successfully hacked this game! There is still room on the cover for one more hacker…good luck!   *Edit* We now have all three top hackers, view the complete list of Top Hackers          

These are the hints for files (Login – File 4): Login —————————————— The error code will help you figure out the login. Each X or O represents a button that was pressed. X means the Button was wrong and O means it was correct. Try out different combinations of logins and check the error code…. Read Article →

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