Hack This Game Hints Week 1

Posted April 26th, 2011 in HackThisGameHints by Ryan Stokes

These are the hints for files (Login – File 4):

Login ——————————————

The error code will help you figure out the login. Each X or O represents a button that was pressed. X means the Button was wrong and O means it was correct.

Try out different combinations of logins and check the error code. If your still having trouble, write down both the code you enter and the error code to see which buttons were correct.

File 1 —————————————–

Count the code by using the key.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ………


File 2 —————————————–

The Xbox controller is very colorful as well.

If you’re colorblind…

A- Green

B- Red

X- Blue

Y- Yellow

File 3 —————————————–

This is just a regular old game of Hang Man. Here is the list of used letters…



File 4 —————————————–

Decode each of the clues to get the whole password. Each clue is solvable with one of the 4 button letters (A B X or Y].

_Marks the Spot Treasure map
_Male exclusive chromosome Women have two X chromosomes
_-Men The superhero team
_Blood type with B antigen It’s not X or Y
_ Alpha Not Beta…


That’s it for this week, good luck!

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  1. Etar says:

    Arrgh! All I want is a hint for #17. They are dead simple until then…

    Fun game though…

  2. Greg says:

    Man file 6 is kickn my ass…..addicting game

  3. ryan mccuen says:

    only up to file 4? im stuck on 12

  4. cody says:

    has anybody beat this game yet

    • Lady says:

      I’m close, two people have beaten it so far. I’m just trying to get my tracer level to 20 so I can move on

  5. Jtownclown says:

    On file 17 it’s confuseing as shit

  6. Dana says:

    How do you beat level 6?

  7. Estobaughn says:

    19 is driving me crazy

  8. Ronin says:

    File 4 gave me a headache anybody willing to throw a guy a bone

  9. Someone says:

    Am i on the right track? File 6.

    a a a b b
    x x b x x
    y y y y a

    a a x a a
    x x b b b
    y y y y x

    y y y a y
    a a a x x
    x x b b b

    y y y y b
    x x x x b
    a a a a b

    a a a a b
    b b y y y
    y x x x x

  10. jose says:

    goddammit file 18 you’re making my brain hurt!

  11. Dillon says:

    PLEASE can someone help me on file 13 I have absolutely no Idea of how to do it!!!

  12. PillowCaseLaw says:

    Stuck on #19. You guys are breaking my poor widdle brain.

  13. me says:

    wheres file 6??

  14. Shane says:

    Someone help with 14

  15. Martin says:

    Please someone give me s clue for file 6 it’s driving me mad

    • quentin s says:

      What letter is missing from each row of the lines going down.
      Heres an example.

      see. y is missing from 1st. and a is missing from second.
      now do that on your game

  16. Log n Rob says:

    Level 19!!!!

  17. Luke says:

    PLZ 12 I NEED THE ANSWER FOR 12!!!!!!!!!!

  18. A LUCKY CH4RM says:

    im on file 16 any clues on this one?

    • A LUCKY CH4RM says:

      nevermind i figured it out on to 17…

      • Koheesion says:

        16 has got me stumped.. im blind to the pattern. can you give me a hint or 2 please? many thanks :)

        • Kubie says:

          My advice is not to try to figure out the puzzle itself. It’s a cryptogram. If the puzzle is a sentence, “q” can only be one letter of the alphabet. The rest is trial and error, having ruled out “q” as a possibility.

  19. Zico says:

    Stuck on File 8, altho i’ll no doubt kick myself when I see the correct answer lol

  20. Shane says:

    Anybody? Level 14? Please

  21. gHostStucK says:

    I´m still at File 19…

    Thats a hard one… O.O

    • A LUCKY CH4RM says:

      haha any clues for file 17 youd like to offer? and ill do my damndest to help with 19 when i get there lmfao

  22. sandrai says:

    any one help me with file 9 please its really stumped me and my girlfriend !!

  23. sandrai says:

    help with file 9 please its confused me

    file 9;


    go to breakfast at 9:00
    pick up clothes at 6:00
    go to lunch at 12:00
    pick up milk at 9:00
    meet client at 3:00

    please just give me a hint i’ve looked at this from so many angles…

  24. Mike says:

    File 12 is wracking my brain.

    A + A = B
    X + A = Y
    B – Y = X

    (B – X) : (A + X) : (A – X) : (B – A) : (Y + X)

  25. sandrai says:

    Help With File 11 please?

  26. Toast says:

    Clue 16 has a mistake in it as apparently “You need a keyfoard to solve this puzzle”

  27. OxR31DZxO says:

    i am stuck on file 3 any one want to help me

  28. Ben says:

    any1 on file 21 stuck!!!

  29. RicanOli88 says:

    Can anyone help with 7 ???

  30. Peter says:

    I’ve been working on 17 for days can anybody help me out please?

  31. RicanOli88 says:

    Still need some help with 7 please : )

  32. ricanOli88 says:

    help with 7 please???

  33. Tyler Phillips says:

    I cannot figure out #6 AT ALL. -___-

  34. Tyler Phillips says:

    Need help with File 7 now.

  35. Colby says:

    stuck on file 8…I thought it was XAYYB…apparently not. if X goes first and A and Y love each other so they are together, but Y has a twin so I put another Y and then B at the end b.c it hates X…FML

  36. ricanOli88 says:

    12 is killing me can anyone help please????

  37. ricanOli88 says:

    12 any help????

  38. dominickbruhh says:

    can anybody help me with number 7?
    i dont get what it means by “Key: +3″
    the letters are |D A E B B|

  39. Mark says:

    sorry for double posting but its massed up

    Clues for file 7 please dont tell me the answer thanks :D

  40. Ben says:

    any1 done file 23 binary coding?

  41. Erik says:

    Any clues to 17?

  42. dak900 says:

    Need help with #17 pleae.

  43. RicanOli88 says:

    Can anyone help with 12 please????

  44. Dana says:

    Wow what is 6?!!!!?!??

  45. Dan The Man says:

    How do you do 16?

  46. Lady says:

    How do you get past levels 17-20 on the tracer? Lol I’ve been trying to hit the buttons fast enough, but I’m too slow!

  47. Mike says:

    Looking for info/hints for File #19 please.

  48. A LUCKY CH4RM says:

    Question. When doing the level access thing to gain a higher access is anyone else getting kicked at random from the map like ill have the code entered and waiting then the line goes off the map and i’m kicked from the game completely and have to keep restarting.

    • ShinryuReishiki says:

      It happens sometimes. Personally, I just get the IP tracer to level 20 at the start so I wouldn’t risk having to do all of it over if it crashed the game.

  49. Lady says:

    Any hints for File 21? Any help is appreciated :)

  50. A_ESPY says:

    #19 is ridiculous!!!
    Por Favor,
    I would love any type of hint possible.

  51. A_ESPY says:

    Whats Up!!!! Im on 20!!!!!!!!!
    and i need help

  52. USG Guido says:

    I love how everyone (including me) needs help on 17 but no one will help out!! lol

  53. RashkaKiernan says:

    Any clues for file 14?

  54. IMMALO5ER says:

    can somebody give me a hint for log 11?

  55. RicanOli88 says:

    I need help with 19 please!!!

  56. Mike says:

    post file 17 and ill hint

  57. Lady says:

    I just hacked the game!! This was the hardest game I’ve ever played in my life lol

  58. TheElfPunk says:

    File: 17?

  59. tim says:

    completely lost on #13

  60. TheElfPunk says:

    Need help with File: 16 :(

  61. xMSPx PANDA says:

    I am stumped on File 13, can anyone please give me a hint or the answer :) .. Thanks!!

  62. xMSPx PANDA says:


  63. Sandstorm702 says:

    Help me i dont get file 16 qwerty is the cell phone keypad right? I jave an iphone i dont have a keypad its digital..

  64. sandrai says:

    please help me with 16 this qwerty thing is messing my head up…

  65. joel says:

    need help on file 19 please :) thanks

  66. xXpro extremeXx says:

    need help on eight! my brain is killing me!
    ive been playing for ten mins and im addicted :-)

  67. Pennywise says:


  68. Joshhhhh says:

    18 is killin me. im absolutley lost on it. i have no clue where to start. its the only one that has given me a substantial amount of trouble.

  69. rover4rob says:


  70. needhelp says:

    Ahhh im stuck file 14 can anyone help please!

  71. wade lol says:

    Lvl 2? LOL

  72. chrish says:

    i need help with 21, i know its a board game, but i dont know what to do now

  73. Gavin says:

    i cant figure out 1

  74. Shane says:

    Any hints on 19 please:)

  75. xXpro extremeXx says:

    cheers! :-)

  76. pryce22 says:

    hi can any one help with file 13 i have been stuck on this now for ages and its driving me mad

    good luck!
    Tllw Ofxp

    y : b : y : c : c

  77. GANGST*R says:

    File: 13

    T11w 0fxp!

    I don’t get it. Can someone give me a tiny hint???

  78. timmy tom says:

    file 23: the binary code one. There has to be a different way to look at this one besides entering the code into a translator. Besides, i’ve tried 4 diffrent translators and they each give me a different answer. Unless anyone knows which exact site to use. Anyways, I’m a bit lost and any hint would be much appreciated.

  79. Jake says:

    I NEED HELP ON 11!!!! It looks like morse code, but i don’t know morse code.

  80. Jake says:

    i need help on 11!

  81. GANGST*R says:

    Could I get any help with 19?

  82. Vinz says:

    Would someone care to explain #19?
    Or even just a hint.
    this game makes my medula oblangata tingle. :P

  83. Nealo says:

    Can Somebody pleaseee help me with FILE 13!! so stuck, even a hint will help???

    • iamatallman68 says:

      ok with y: b: y: c: c
      think about what position from the beginning or end of the
      alphabet those letter are, then use the letters on the

  84. iamatallman68 says:

    nvmind i meant 19. ive been on 19 for days

  85. michael says:

    Any help with 19 would be awesome!

    A=1 B=2 C=3


  86. Brandon says:

    what is number 8 its hard help

  87. keith says:

    Me and my friend just got to file 22 and couldn’t figure it out so we did all 1,024 combs and not 1 worked. Dose anyone know how to get past it?

  88. keith says:

    Dose anyone know how to get past file 22? Me and my friend even put in all 1,024 combs and not one work. Any ideas for help please?

  89. Ryan says:

    I need help on 16 I really don’t get it.

  90. Nate says:

    File 18 seems like a programing algorithm.

  91. dude says:

    24 is giving us no end of trouble. we tried latitude and longitude and that got us nowhere. any advice would be much appreciated.

  92. BonelessPuma says:

    Can anyone help me with 19 please

  93. Lol whut says:


    Sry i forgot what “N” was.
    You wont believe it but just know Q=a, so i tried many combinations.
    Would like to know how you did it

  94. Kubie says:

    I’ve read this entire page, and not one of these clues will help me with #19. I’m losing my mind! A=1 B=2 C=3, then what appears to be a nonsensical jumble of letters. I’m stuck. My poor little brain hurts.

  95. Kubie says:

    A=1 B=2 C=3


    Can someone help me please? Gamertag: Kubie578935.

  96. Dec says:

    Help on file 9

  97. Chris says:

    can i get hints for file 3?

  98. Brohommad says:

    Whats the answer to 12?

  99. Brohommad says:

    Whats the hint to file 13?

  100. pryce22 says:

    file 21 please help!!!!! any hints helpful. i know its to do with a board game…..


    KB1 Q2 QB2 KR1 K2

  101. pryce22 says:

    file 22 now… help…

  102. mexicanironman0 says:

    File: 22 help please? cause it doesn’t make sense for the first two buttons

  103. mexicanironman0 says:

    just beat it (:

  104. KYLE says:

    Please..Help Me On 12…It Has Had Me Stumped For 2 Hours…

  105. KYLE says:

    Please Help Me With File:12 I Cant Do It…I Have Tried For 2 Hours.

  106. ShotsofJack says:

    Remind me to punch the guy in the face who came up with these puzzles….

  107. puffinmuffin says:

    can anyone please help me on file 18 I’ve been stuck on it for ages now.

  108. quentin s says:

    Anyone got file 9 down

  109. pryce22 says:

    file 23 is really confusing now…. help… 4 hours been trying now!!! please help

  110. AManda says:

    What is the answer to file 1.? I cant figure this out.

  111. Stuckontisgame says:

    Can anyone give a clue for file 19

    A=1 B=2 C=3


  112. Stuckontisgame says:

    I see no one posted any hints for 19

  113. albert says:

    level 11!!

  114. james656 says:

    any1 wanna help me out on 16 plz

  115. crow says:

    kinda lost on 24… i get that the pairs are points as in plotting on a graph but it still doesn’t make sense…..any more hints?

  116. Amanda says:

    I need help with file 4.!

  117. itzazza says:

    file 3 D:
    im a noob XD

  118. euan says:

    help me on file 6 mike plzz

  119. mcpherson says:

    need help on file 16

  120. chris says:

    im so confused on 18 and im sorry if i sound dumb but the given hints above for file 18 still didnt help me maybe i did it wrong any simpler ways of explaining?

  121. Aaarrrggghhhh says:

    I AM SOOOO STUCK ON FILE 12 Can someone pleeeaaassseee help!

  122. me says:

    i am stuck on file 3, i think i have ay like p1ay but i stuck like crazy ;O

  123. Aaron537 says:

    Any hints on #19? Pleeeeeeeeease help.

  124. brandon says:

    going crazy trying to figure out file 23, please help?

  125. MiiDNiiT3 says:

    file 21 is NOT possible, help pl0x

  126. FXG x TTG M0DZ says:

    NEED HELP ON 19!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. Sykes93 says:

    I need help on 14 any help

  128. da man says:

    im 36 and i still dont get #14

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