Hack This Game…Hacked!

Two people have successfully hacked this game!

There is still room on the cover for one more hacker…good luck!


*Edit* We now have all three top hackers, view the complete list of Top Hackers







  1. Hopefully I made it as the third… Just sent in my email.

    • file 24?

  2. Congrats guys :)

  3. good job guys…!!!

    the humens will alive…xD

    im still at F19, i dont button-smashing, i want my brain to get the answer… 😛

  4. I made it to 6th place :)

  5. I managed to solve puzzle 19 but I swear there’s a typo in the clue. Unfortunately I cannot pass level 20 because the game keeps crashing.

    • What is the typo???

  6. Ohh! Right I wanted to be on the cover :( ☻ who cares good luck li’l dudes

  7. Beat it last night. Hardest and best game EVER!!!!! Thank You!!!!

    • hey can you tell me file 23?

      • No

  8. do i have to buy this game to get past File 1?

  9. i still dont understand file six even after the hint was given!!!!!

    • the dashes matter.. 20 dashes in all +3 =23..then use the letter given and count up 23 spaces in the alphabet.. that will help

  10. Need help on file 24 any hints?

    • i’ll see if i could do 24 if you can give me #23. :)

  11. my botton smashing powers r not working! how do i get past File 1?? I DONT GET IT!!!

    • I did it by doing all 5 options as ‘A’ fr=irst, and saw which ones went to O (0xx0x) then typed in ABBAB and saw which ones went to 0 for B and carried on from there!

  12. please, help me, file 21 and ripping my hair out, ive gone through algebra and the alphabet, HELP ME !

    • Stuck on File:21…. Please assist?

      • its about chess setups in chess, if you are still struggling message : I MiiDNiiT3 I on xbl and ill send you the answer, im on file 24 right now so i can also help with any below that :) (at least try the levels before choosing the quick way out XD)

        • Got it thanks.

  13. ok, i fail, but who plays chess like that !!!!, now on file 23 and once again … stuck.

  14. 19!!!!!

  15. Help with 19. This websites hint don’t make any sense

    • BAseball and XYlophones Are amazing

  16. File:23 is a problem…. Binary Code? Help anyone?

    • no its not binary, notice that the 1’s are in 5 different groups? also look carefully at the shape of each group.

    • my name is Andrew from America and in my spare time i play footBAll because it is realy funnY when playing in the rain.

  17. im stuck on file 24. i think its something to do with L&L but when i try it comes up with something random please help :)

  18. LOL stuck on file 3 help? =3

    • ikr i dont understand it lol

  19. Stuck on 22. help?

  20. help on 17 please?

  21. Ok, level 20, easy enough. Button smashing random sequences. But after sequence 16, the timer doesn’t even give me enough time to read it!! I had both my roommates try, and all three of us failed at 18, even though we’re all pretty damn fine button mashers. Are we the only ones stuck here because of a silly button smashing sequence? I mean, wtf does that even have to do with the puzzle theme of this game??

    • same here buddy, send me some help?

  22. how do u get passed file 3…. its confusing me???

    • Its like a game of hangman, only the only letters you can use to fill in the blanks are ABX and Y

  23. Stuck on File 24 :-S

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