Top Hackers

Top Hackers

  1. LiquidAg
  2. Superhands88
  3. ShinryuReishiki
  4. xI BiG EZ Ix
  5. fingers440 and Purple Nymbus
  6. LadyKaos2008
  7. Psychophobie
  8. Se7enBishie
  9. LessCharley
  10. Ikuto Tohoin
  11. Master Chun
  12. dp00110111010 and Equivocal Plum
  13. xX AXYS Xx and K9Krunchies
  14. FcY CaPTain
  15. SR Sy Illusions
  16. mexicanironman0
  17. KLRSx Delirium
  18. SR Brainstew
  19. Zevarix
  20. pryce22
  21. sunofman20
  22. BadRubberPiggy
  23. WTD xFirmChaffx
  24. Dragon Hookers
  25. Cpt Barnes
  26. KLRSx Oblivion and KLRSx Hysteria
  27. TheAgeofChange
  28. Roberoo
  29. robisnow
  30. Kesler343
  31. Bludo
  32. Scubamesteve
  33. Nightmarexxx007
  34. SirJellyBeans
  35. The Moo Prophet
  36. Taxor
  37. xPrettyBoiSwag
  39. EpicJamesMay
  40. sp00ksniper
  41. Usil666
  42. Cerealbears
  43. snakeproof1
  44. Findales Finest
  45. Save Baird
  46. Vlad V G
  47. XEFFER
  48. benginator
  49. SwervingExpert
  50. CEM62793

This completes our Top Hackers list. Congratulations to all who made the list and good luck to those still hacking!

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  1. Congratulations guys! We did great! :)

  2. Gratz Guys – U saved the World…:)

    Im still at F.19 and i have no idea…:O
    I want to make it by my self, but a few days more and I
    start eating my hair.

    greatings from Germany,

    • Hilf einem anderen Deutschen bei Nummer 13. Bis 19 ^^
      Gib wenigstens Hinweis/e.
      Wäre echt nett. Ich Verzweifle hier…

    • I still haven’t figured that one out lol I accidentally hit the buttons and it took.

      • I wonder if any of us actually solved that one properly… >_>

        • Probably not…I used a permutation to run through all of the posible combinations.

          I need to go back and figure out what the sequence is, though, but that sounds like something for after exams…lol

          • Yeah, 19 was a tricky one, I figured it out I’m not sure if I can give a hint,
            but its a numbers and letter thing ha. But if you already know that the 1st one is B
            then the rest should actually fall into place. That and the fact utopioneer gave
            away the last letter A.

        • Lol did you just button mash?

          • Yep, it’s the only one I didn’t solve normally. I saw that one person who posted that they just mashed to do it, and that it started with B. That was plenty to make it only take a few tries actually. I recorded all the answers, so I guess I could go back and try to figure out why it’s the answer…

          • Congrats imma on 24:(

  3. Success! After a few hours of working at it, Krunchies and I successfully hacked it! Same as you guys, we had some difficulty with 19, and eventually just started trying combinations. The rest we legitimately found though.

  4. Successfully Hacked this Game. Thanks Utopioneergames.

  5. Wooot, just finished hacking this game and sent in my email. Soooo much fun. I hope they make a second!!!!!!

    • I hate to say it but if you’re having trouble on 19, 24 will make you cry. I couldn’t solve it so I tried a method where I just started off doing AAAAA and then AAAAB and so on. It took forever. I cried.

  6. Guess im one of the few who didnt button mash on any of the puzzles. And 19 isnt that tough if you can see through the noise.

  7. i suck at this game i cant get past file 1 lol

  8. I managed to get to file 21 on my own but I’m unable to input the codes quickly enough for the needed amount of traces, so I’m basically cut off from the last few files(having ADD somewhat sucks).

    Anyhow, I was wondering if this game can actually be a good measurement of someones IQ? Depending on how far you’ve gotten on your own.

    Just curious.

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