Hack This Game Hints Week 2

Here are the hints for this week (File 6 – File 9):

File 6 ———-





This file is more about what is missing. Think of each line as an attempt to login with the result as XXXXX for each one, what is the logical next attempt?

File 7 ———-

The key is +3

And the hint is: D A E B B


Assume that A = 1. If we add three we will get 4 or D. If we are at the end of the alphabet, like Y = 25, we add three and get 28. Since the alphabet stops at 26 we can start back at 1 and continue counting till we get B.


Is the hint before or after the key was applied?


File 8 ———-


X hates B

A loves Y

Y has a twin

X likes to be first


If X hates B and X likes to be first than we can assume the code looks something like this:


X – – – B


It also mentions that Y has a twin and A loves Y. This means there are 2 Y’s and one A. If you were an A, and you really loved Y’s, where would you want to be?


File 9 ———-


Go to breakfast at 9:00

Pick up clothes at 6:00

Go to lunch at 12:00

Pick up milk at 9:00

Meet client at 3:00


Look at a clock face and imagine each time. Now hold up your controller up to the clock and use the hour hand to find your code.



Check back next week for more hints!





  1. Got past 19 and the access thingy is killing me… then it didn’t save…

    • Any hint you’re willing to share on 19?

  2. 11?

    • This one is quite easy. Just know. Google if your friend. :) And a hint for 11. Its a type
      of communication used before telephones.

      • LOST

      • I know the device but how am I suppose to know something I never learned?

  3. som1 help me out on 16 plz

    • It says QWERTY.. must mean it has something to do with a keyboard? Try figuring out where
      a letter might be on a keyboard if it was set up in alphabetical format.

  4. on 18 now if any1 nos anythin help me out

    • 18 is easier than it looks. Try to figure out what the 56083th letter is. Remember it says
      A=1 B=2… Z=26 A=27 B=28…. so 56083 is a letter. Just keep counting.

    • Just divide by 26 and use the remainder to help you.

  5. I’m dumb. Can’t figure out number 7 😛

    • u need any help m8

    • u need any help m8

      • i am 100% lost

      • the dpad “direction” reveals more than the tint

    • What is A + 3 more letters?

      • its the letter you see – 3 do D = A

  6. u want me to help u

  7. What is the answer to file 7!!!!!!

    • subtract dont add

  8. 12 any1 can help

  9. Ok i cant figure out 6

    • As the letters appear just type them.

  10. Is this happening to anyone else???

    I’m on 20 where you need to level up.. but the screen goes black and an xbox error message comes up saying “The game has unexpectedly stopped. Please try it again. If problems persist, please contact the creator of the game. Code 4”

    • Yes it happened to me as well. The ip tracer runs off the side of the screen and then it goes blank.

      • Same thing happens to me and BaaaaKitty when we’re playing the game. It’s happened about six times so far. Too bad, this was looking to be a pretty good game until we ran into this problem. I hope they can fix it soon. :( :(~

  11. Level 7.?

  12. Level 13.?

    • Dude!!!!!! Whats number 12!?!?

  13. im feeling kinda dumb i cant get past file 22 any hints or help would be much apreciated

    • im stuck on 22 also

      • Help me with number 12?

  14. Any one know answer 17. Lol.

  15. stuck on file 18! help!

  16. i need halp on numberr 1 file 1

    • The x’s mean its wrong the o’s means its right

  17. ummmmmmm….. dun get the riddle on lvl 6… still!

  18. how do you do 13?? i need help

  19. Help on 13 please

    • how the heck did U GET TO 13 IM STUCK ON 12!!!!!!!!!!?????????

  20. Need help on;

    • Take a good look at the Xbox controller (A,B,X,Y) and it’s input buttons. Then take a good look at the number of letters in each given hint (shower, stores, lawn, shop, movie). They have something in common. Just write them all down on paper, even the Xbox controller colors. What do they have in common??? Good Luck!


    • SAME HERE!!!!!!

  22. NEED HELP ON FILE 12!!!

    • me too

  23. Help me with number 6 please!!!!!!!!!

    • 6 is easy! look at each row by itself! So whay is missing from the 1st row? ‘B’ now do it for the other 4 rows!

  24. Need help on 23.

    • how did u do 22

  25. i need help on one
    i dont get it

  26. Need help on #9 plz thx!!!

  27. ok on file 22 my name is xbox tag add for help or to help me as thats how the world goes round :)

  28. ok on file 22 my name is xbox tag add for help or to help me as thats how the world goes round

  29. Number 7 help please

  30. can someone plz help me with file 12 ive been trying to figure it out for about an hour with no luck

    • Same, its tricky

  31. can someone help me with file 3 i think it is with the hang man i dont get it

  32. on xbox i am hackedrabbit add me if u can help me

  33. Tell me somebody how to do #9

    • In the bottom right corner u see the real time. when the
      time above the letters reaches the same time as reality, you
      enter that five letter code.

  34. help with file 7

  35. I just need a hint on how to solve file 12 anything plz=^_^=

    • got it nvm itsa liney graphy thingy

      • how did you get it? what line graph?

  36. i have almost hacked this game send me a friend req if u want help or can help me with 24 !!!

  37. i love how no matter where i go No one knows file 22
    can some one help Just give me the answer idc about the hint at this point

  38. need help on level 11 plz dont give me the anser just give me clues

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