Hack This Game Hints Week 3

Here are the hints for this week (File 11 – File 14):

File 11 ———-

In a time before telephones this was used as communication. If you aren’t sure, try googling Samuel Morse.

File 12———-

A + A = B

X + A = Y

B – Y = X

Each of these letters represents a number between 1-4. There are several approaches to this one and all of them will get you the right answer. First figure out which letter represents which number and the rest falls in place.

File 13———-

Good Luck!

Tllw Ofxp!

Notice that the O in “good” translates to an L and the L in “luck” translates to an O.

Still need help? A = Z and Z = A

File 14———-

This one follows the A = 1, B =2, C = 3… you can translate the entire code or you can just look for the relevant ones.


That’s it for this week, come back for more hints next week!


  1. File 19 need help don’t have to give me the answer but a hint would help out a lot. Thanks

    • I’m stuck on 19 also

  2. Any hints for 23?

    • yea i need 23 also. xP

      • it’s not binary, stop reading the numbers and look
        at the picture.
        you’ll kick yourself :)

        • wen u figure out 24 send us a email

  3. you can all stop trying now :)

  4. 12?

  5. i need help on 12 plz explain i really neeeeeeed help

  6. x=1 a=2 y=3 b=4

  7. Wars file 14

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