Hack This Game Hints Week 4

Here are the hints for this week (File 16 – File 19):

File 16 ———-

Imagine if your keyboard keys were in alphabetical order. Pretend that they are and try typing a message, if you were to type ABCDEF you would get QWERTY.

File 17———-

This to do list could look very different and still maintain the same code. In fact “Shower” and “Stores” could be any 6 letter word. “Lawn” and “Shop” could be any 4 letter word. “Movie” could be any 5 letter word. Think of any words that might relate to the buttons and count the letters.

File 18———-

If A = 1 and A = 27 then every 26 we add will also be A. A = 53 and A = 79…

Try long division, the remainder is key.

File 19———-

First, circle all the A, B, X and Y’s…now figure out their place in the code to determine the actual solution.


That’s it for this week, come back next week for the last set of hints!


  1. Game is too easy with the given hints – it feels more like reading a walkthrough 😛

  2. Any better hints for file 19?

  3. any better hints for level 17?

  4. When are the hints for files 21-24 gonna be released?

  5. Don’t get 21 please help.

  6. i completed file 19 and when i press A to continue, notting happens.
    Maybe the last patch gone wrong..

  7. Yeah they must have changed the password for file 19. The one that used to work before doesn’t work anymore.

  8. Im still confused on file 16? can anyone please help me out with a more detailed hint.

    • file 16 has completley stopped me in my tracks i dont know where to start even after the clues please help

      • Look at your keyboard, instead of qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm it’s abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz so the letters on your screen look at the keyboard as if it were the regular alphabet and not the qwerty alphabet

        • I still don’t understand

  9. need help on 17 plz hints

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