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  1. iplay number htg1 and ill like to play 2

  2. I wanna winnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡

  3. I’m so excited for this game! I just got the e-mail this morning about Hack This Game 2, I’m playing right now! You guys rock!

  4. Can’t get past level 12 :(

    • how do you do file 9????

      • how do u get past level 2?

        • Did you ever figure out File 2?

    • how do you do file 9? im completely stuck!

  5. I’m stuck on File 7…I’m not entirely sure how to work it out. What is the clue for File 12? Maybe I can help even though I’m not there yet.

    • did u ever figure out number 7?

  6. If anyone needs help or wants to work together on Hack This Game 2, my gamertag is LadyKaos2008. I was #6 to beat Hack This Game the first time.

  7. Hints not showing up even though I beat number 1?

  8. the hacking is fun, but the server game is ridiculously hard. I have solved File 19, but I can’t finish the Server game to be able to go onto File 21. It’s very frustrating.

    • Try File 22 lol

      • I agree the server hacking is too damn hard. It is near impossible. It wouldnt be so back if you had like three lives. But to hack 18 files, then loose and have to restart start back from the beginning is ridiculous. I would find it VERY hard to believe that anyone has legitimately hacked all servers. I would challenge anyone to post a video on youtube that proves they have actually beaten the game. I wish the makers of this game would have re-thought the server hacking part of the game. I will not be buying another sequel to this game that for sure.

  9. I am on file 8 and struggling. fun so far :)

    • number 7…anyone?

      • what is answer to file 2!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. How do you do file 9 on hack this game 2? i cant figure it out

  11. finally got past the server game after probably 4 hours. hoping i can finish this now soon!

    • whats your gamertag??

  12. how do you do file 9??????????

  13. Been stuck on 22 for a while now…

    • Done~

      • 24 is killing me. So close.

        • Got it!

          • I got lucky with my 24; it generated one where the answer was all one button.

          • Wow, how lucky. I spent probably 90 minutes on that one before I cracked the pattern. I filled up almost an entire notebook page with notes and theories before I solved it. It was a really good puzzle.

    • Hint for file 22? I’ve already got cards out, but still pretty confused… : (

      • You need to decide a pattern based on which cards have the higher numeric value in each column, and then figure out which button is each suit. The button choices aren’t necessarily the obvious color choices.

  14. Im stuck on the 22nd file. The one with the cards. Me and my friend have been at this for the past 4 hours.

  15. I’m finished as well!

    • Hint on file 22? I’ve got cards out, but I’m still stuck…

    • ShinryuReishiki number one and LadyKaos2008 number 2? I hope so!

      • One more now. God I love these games.

      • How do u do 9???

  16. could anyone help with file nine. It is the one with the timer, and the buttons that keep changing colour. Even a small hint would help.

    I have played HTG but I’m not getting any hints :-(

    • I’ve got this now :)

      • How did you do File 9?

    • Here’s a small hint…check the time. Bottom right.

  17. Massively stuck on File 9. Can anyone help? It’s driving me mental!!

    • YOU must be one with the clock

  18. Can’t get past level 12, its insane!!!

  19. Who can give me a hint for file 11?

    • Divide into two.

      • Hmm thats not the best hint. You have a 5 button code right? You have 10 arrows. Have a think, its much easier than it seems.

  20. can any one help with file 11 i dont want answers but a hint. Its the one with the arrows ( left right down up right left up down left right)

    • You have 10 arrows, you need 5 codes. Think about it. Easier than it seems.

  21. Number 9 – Look at the clock on the bottom right. The timer is very important to this one.

    Anyone has a hint for 12, is it a math puzzle or am I missing something?

  22. Now I’m massively stuck on File 22, the one with the cards. Any help out there? Is it a four color card system? Bridge perhaps???

    • It’s just about which card has a higher numeric value. You’ll have to try different combinations to figure out which button is which suit, though.

  23. dont know what to do on file 4 help!!!

    • which one is file 4?

      • i actually got past 4 now im on file 7 where it gives u a couple numbers then a question mark in the middle i have no clue what to do on this

        • Think of the question mark as a point on a compass.

  24. i actually got pass number 4 now im on file 7 and it only gives you a couple numbers and a question mark in the middle im hella confused can anyone help?

    • Look at the diagram and look and the buttons on your controller. It’s very easy, don’t think about the question mark.

    • hint for 4?

  25. number 8 confusedddd

  26. Wow. File 22 is a doozy. It’s the one with boxed numbers and letters that appear to be playing cards and suits. Can anyone lend a hand?

    • you basically have to assign the suits to the buttons by guessing.

      then, as stated before, the higher numerical value wins.

      i’ll give you a hint that the reds and blacks are across from each other.

      • You rock SpaghettiCatt…thanks!

        • Omg I can’t figure it out plz help

  27. On number 19 now. How many is there, 24?

  28. hint on 4 please? not receiving hits for hacking hack this game 1. In fact I beat it twice. 4 is the one with two dash marks forming the upper left corner of a box and the letter A

    • Oh so tricky it was at first
      So here’s a bit of a hint,
      Do this so your brain won’t burst
      And play a bit with the tint.

      • hahaha… Thanks. Didn’t know tint could be changed with the d pad

  29. number 9 is killin me, any other hints????

    • the code changes all the ‘time.’

      • thanks

  30. i know this may sound stupid to ask because it’s only level 3, but can someone give me a hint on how to pass it?

  31. Gamertag: OoDa FoX X XoO
    Final Code: 119956

    • Sorry I was suppose to send that to someone else.

      Just beat it!!

  32. Can anyone help me with File 2, I suck lol??

  33. i need help on file 9 i don’t get what are you supposed to do with the timer?

  34. Hey can someone help me with file #8? Don’t get it 😛

  35. Still stuck on file 9. None of the timer hints are helping.
    Look at the time
    The time is important.
    Not quite getting it.

    • The current time is what’s most important to #9. Pretend the timer is counting hours and minutes instead of minutes and seconds…

  36. Help with file 2 plz????

  37. need help with file 2

  38. Guessing with number 9 you have to wait till the timer and the time in bottom right both match, bit of a wait for me then to find out lol

  39. Help on number 8???

  40. Stuck on file 21. :( any hints? thaaaanks

  41. can someone help me with file 24 plz

    • file 22 drives me crazy. could u pls help? i just don’t get it. even though I read all the hints.

      • Can you help with file 21, I am so confused

  42. Hey there
    Htg 1 was easy for me but this Thing is driving me Crazy.
    2 days at file 22. All the Tips and all the hints don’t Tell Me anything

    Please another tipp for me :(


  44. WTF IM STILL STUCK ON 22 DAFUQ!! Fould someone explain in pure detail cause i unserstand none of the hints…

  45. WTF IM STILL STUCK ON 22 DAFUQ!! Fould someone explain in pure detail cause i unserstand none of the hints… i really need help cause this is bugging…

  46. 9 is X A B Y X


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