Hack This Game 2 Hacked

We have our top three hackers!

1. LordRockyV      2. Cauchy Sequence     3. ShinryuReishiki

A special congratulations to ShinryuReishiki for being one of the top hackers of both hack this game 1 and 2

Congratulations to all others that have completed the game, we will be posting a Top Hackers list shortly.


A top hacker (Sidmonk) was hiding away in our spam folder. Going by the timestamps, he was second to complete the game. We don’t want to be unfair so the top four will have their avatar featured on the cover.


  1. Go ShinryuReishiki! Maybe I got 6th place again! Lol. Congratulations guys!

    • Would have had it but the servers are so hard :/

      • nice vids but get the rest up stuck on file 22

    • I’d be surprised if there was anyone between the two of us; it was fairly close…

      • I think I finished between you two. At least according to my post in the other thread, which was timestamped between your two completion posts, anyway.
        I guess we’ll see when they post the full list.

        • I didn’t post right after I sent my e.mail in though.

  2. Wish I would have known when the game went live. Did it come out on Friday? I didn’t find out till 10pm central on Saturday night and I had it beat 6 hours later. Hope I still rank despite my late start.

  3. I am hopelessly stuck on number 19, the math puzzle. Always gets me :)

    Congratulations to everyone who finished already.

  4. ok, it says you have to beat hack this game 1 to get hits. I did last time the game came out (Master Chun, 11th place) and then again after 2 came out. Yet it still says to get hits, finish hack this game 1. What gives? Is there really any hints? If not, I am stuck on, I believe puzzle 4, it’s just two dashes forming the upper left corner of a box, and the letter A. Hints would be much appreciated.

    • The hints from the first game don’t work; indie games can’t check the save data of another game, so they’re going to make the hints available to everyone when they update the game.

      As for a hint, they added a new function to 2 that wasn’t in 1. Try using the d-pad.

      • yea.. I got it. I didn’t realize one could change the color with the d pad. Thanks. And nice job getting in the top 3 again. Any advice for dealing with the servers? It really thonly thing slowing me down now.

        • Get help from a friend.

    • Move your directional pad around.(the little + sign) tell me if you beat 7!

  5. Plz can someone help stuck on file 2

  6. Can anyone help me with File 2, I suck lol??

    • colours mate add them up there videos on youtube upto file 20 :)


  8. lol me to. this sucks

  9. yeah #9 WTF. tried to match the sequence many ways but nothing

    • The current time is what’s most important to #9. Pretend the timer is counting hours and minutes instead of minutes and seconds…

      • Still dont get it??

        • look at time in bottom right

  10. can anybody help me with file 8? like tips

    • Joysticks are for little girls…


  12. I bought the first Hack This Game and beat it to get the hints I was promised for Hack This Game 2. Now there’s still no hints even though I beat the first one, and I’m still stuck on File 22! How do I access the hints?

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