Top Hackers List

Top Hackers: Hack This Game 2

  1. LordRockyV
  2. Sidmonk
  3. Cauchy Sequence
  4. ShinryuReishiki
  5. LOLANDamirite
  6. LadyKaos2008
  7. bopx
  8. SpaghettiCatt
  9. Triippy Shroomz
  10. miamiking9
  11. GeeQ Magnisi
  12. TraxsData
  13. Happy Houston
  14. SquareEnix19
  15. LeefellBarkhoon
  16. save baird
  17. GAMEFREAK21895
  18. bros in war
  19. Rookfighter
  20. Nickthestick323
  21. DAV1D KP94
  22. xRickoshay
  23. AutomatedUser
  24. thefrickinsh1zz
  25. f0rc3 f33din
  26. Classick BK
  27. l0n91nus
  28. wassaname bty
  29. IITz IHaVoK and saharris91
  30. Ender1243
  31. Psychophobie and girlfriend
  32. Surrilian
  33. Dr Phils Butler and Army of Infants
  34. GSHero
  35. gators808
  36. X SEMP3R Fi X
  37. zipzap171
  38. Bagelrat
  40. Haplopia
  41. XaperZ
  42. AOR Mindset
  43. HeDiedValiantly
  44. RageCageDaSlave
  45. JEBADIA451
  46. xxcrunkkidsxx
  47. I CheeseItMan I

Congratulations to everyone on the list!


Sidmonk (#2) was hiding away in our spam folder…keep sending in those codes!


  1. Only 7 so far? Geez. That server game is really keeping people back, heh.

    • Oh darn…5th place lol.

      • Just as I predicted. ;P
        If only I had downloaded the game when it first came out, I would have ranked higher. =( Oh well, good job everyone, hope you had as much fun as I did. Looking forward to #3!

        • If only I hadn’t gotten drunk and had a real life on a Saturday night, I might have been in the top 3, lol! (I was finished with server game before Shinryu & LadyKaos)

          But hey, I’m just honored to have my name up there! This was WELL worth the 80 MS points. And I made some new friends! That’s the best part :]

          • So how did you other people finish the server game by the way? I gathered three “volunteers” and we each manned one button. My hat is off to anyone who managed to pass the final level solo.

          • I manned all four buttons until I had two or so servers hacked each. Then I finished the rest in pairs (A,B and X,Y) making sure the pair finished at the same time. Took me a while to develop this strategy, though. I tried doing them individually, but felt like I was wasting too much time.

          • Heck yes you made some friends! Lol we had a lot of fun! I love putting together parties where everyone is friendly and helpful!

          • I got the game the night it came out, but I decided sleep to be more important… I won’t make that mistake next time. >_>

            I ended up doing the servers one at a time. That way, there was only one thing to react to. Takes more time than you would like, but at the same, is essentially a guaranteed success.

      • LadyKaos & Shinryu, congrats!!! Just have to try harder on number 3 LadyKaos ;] haha

        • Hehehe…good luck with that one!

      • Thanks for the help Lauren.

        • No problem Frank :)

  2. Uhhh, we sent the email with the code on Saturday before anyone else even commented they finished, and the gamertag isn’t on the list…

    • Ok, looks like this is being taken care of :)

  3. Just sent in the code… Took a couple days off after essentially giving up on the servers. Then tonight I just got it somehow after about 15 minutes. Worked Y/B and X/A combos, cleaned up pretty nice.

    I have to admit. 21, easy as pie.
    22, other than one of the button choices throwing me off for a while, was simple.
    23… HUH!? and 24… same thing, HUH!?

    I got them both, but I think it was luck. 23 I tried something out that kind of made sense, but I swear I lost track halfway through and screwed up, yet it worked anyway.

    24, my answers were SHOWN to me on the same page.

    I’d love it if someone could email me an explanation as to how these two actually work. You can wait for confirmation that I finished if you want.

    • 23 is showing you the difference between the top two rows of numbers. The bottom two rows need to be different in the same way.

      24 has set rules for what the result is, depending on what is next to what. It has three sets which show you some of the rules by example, so you can use those rules to determine the answer.

      • cant understand 22, i have tried using higher card so if top was higher would be Y that
        didn’t work tried adding them up, didnt work tried all sorts :(

        • Focus on the winning cards suits…they each represent a button

          • Can you help me on file 21, I am so confused

  4. If you would like help on file 24, right down the other combinations because they end up being the one that you have to guess.

  5. Has anybody heard anything about Hack this Game 3?

  6. Ha number 29 lol either way i made it and that server stuff is hard me and my girlfriend both manned 2 and got all 4 servers great game

  7. i submitted the code but i have not yet been put up on the list :(

    GT: GSHero

    • never mind

  8. I submitted the code.
    Gt: Haplopia

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