Hack This Game 2 Hints Week 2

File 6

Every time you see “resetting code…” the answer will change. Duplicates stay up twice as long.

File 7

The numbers on screen are positioned similarly to the buttons on the controller. Now which button do you press first?

File 8

The code at the bottom doesn’t seem to do anything. If you change the tint you will get the true key to solving this one.

File 9

The key is showing you what the code will look like based on the clock. Look in the bottom right corner for the current time.

If you’re feeling impatient, you could find the pattern and figure out the code before your time comes up.



The first update is on its way. If you’re having difficulty on the servers mini game we made it a bit easier.

Come back next week for the next set of files!



  1. this game hurts my head it dosent make sense , im stuck on file 3 still on hack this game 2

    • aye if u need help send a friend request ReVoLuTiOnX02

  2. So, I bought Hack This Game #1 because I was stuck on File 22 of Hack This Game 2 and it said if I beat the first one, that I would get hints for Hack This Game 2. I beat the first game, and I don’t have any hints available for Hack This Game 2!! What gives?? How do I access the hints?

  3. Can someone please post a hint for File 22 of Hack This Game 2? I’ve been stuck for a week now and it’s driving me crazy. I plowed through the rest of the game enjoyably at an average pace, and 22 is just killing me.

    • Dig through the “Coming Soon: Hack This Game 2” comments. That should help.

  4. I’m stuck on file 8. The hint says to change the tint but I dont get that. Can someone PLEASE help me.

    • use the d-pad to change the color of the screen. help with file 9 please..
      hint is more confusing

      • use the countdown above your ever changing code and when that
        timer reaches the same as your current “real-world” time.
        thats the code…its 7:44 pm here and i had to wait 7 mins
        and 44 secs on that puzzle to figure out the code input.
        thats a wicked puzzle

  5. I still can’t get file 8

  6. I cant play online games for a bit but add me my name is
    Ghost Xseargent I rock at hacking Cod4, but can u help me get infections for mw2

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    I like all of the points you’ve made.

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