Hack This Game 2 Hints Week 3

File 11

Imagine starting at the center of a compass, this tells you to go west once then east once and you are back at the center.

File 12

Each set of numbers (x,y) are points on a graph. For example (1,1) (1,-1) (-1,-1) (-1,1) is a square.

File 13

This code is in Braille, each block of dots represent a letter.

File 14

Unless you’re a science major, Google images is your best friend on this one.


That’s it for this week. Come back next week for an additional set of hints!


  1. I am stuck on file 8 and i really need help i got this about a week ago and the first day i got all the way up to file 8 and now i’ve been stuck ever since i really need help please.

    • ok it says

      A is yellow
      B is blue
      X is red
      Y is green

      ok what it means is a=y b=x x=b y=A

  2. I’m stuck on 11, please help.

  3. stuck on 12 please help meeeeee? :(

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