Hack This Game 2 Hints Week 5

File 21

Every country has an international calling code.

File 22

These boxes represent cards. The bottom set is the code and the top set is the key. Each suit represents a button.

File 23

Get this one wrong and the numbers will change, but the pattern stays the same. Look only in the first column to find out what the pattern is. The first number is changed using the second and third numbers to get the fourth number.

File 24

There are 4 groups of buttons in this puzzle. The top of each is the problem, and the bottom is the solution. This puzzle uses the same concept as the Time puzzle (File 9) in a slightly different way.


That completes the Hints for Hack This Game 2! Congratulations to everyone who made the top hackers list (we are still accepting gamertags).


  1. I’m stuck on file 22. I read everything on this site, but I still don’t get it. Please help!

    • Look at the bottom suite and match it to the suites above, the number next to the suite is like the numbers on a clock for directions on the controller…. queen = Y.

      • can you please tell me the answer to file 22 . i don’t understand it . and can you tell me how to get it

  2. im stuck on 21 could you please give me a better hint please? like how

    • You have to look online for the international area codes and such.

  3. I have no idea what to do for 24 -_-

  4. I still cant get passed 22 it i think is the hardest one yet…

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