Hack This Game 3 out now!

Hack This Game 3

Our third installment of the popular Hack This Game series is now available on Xbox live. Play through puzzles of increasing difficulty and take on the new supercomputer.

Some features:

  • Work your way through files, each one requiring a unique password.
  • Figure out each password using the clues on screen.
  • Match wits with the supercomputer.
  • Enter final code from Hack This Game 2 to unlock hints.
  • Check utopioneer.com each week for additional hints.
  • The first 3 to finish Hack This Game 3 will have their avatars featured on the cover*!


Start hacking!

*no premium content on Avatars.


  1. Done. That was easier than the second one, I think. Or maybe it was just that the hints were helpful.

    • lol ya i think the hints help because i cant get it
      and i have no hints i think i will buy the other one
      and try to get some hints see if a can beat it before
      other people do

    • Yo, what us the code for #12, i don’t get it at all

      • Code for #7? Or a tip? :)

    • Any hints for 7?

  2. Also, Hack This Game 2’s “Top Hackers” page (in the game itself, in File 25) has Hack This Game 1’s best three plus Sidmonk inserted into second place, instead of Hack This Game 2’s best three plus Sidmonk inserted into second place. That makes me a little upset, since I’m on the HTG2 Top Hackers list. (Cauchy Sequence)

    • Any hints on seven?

  3. Me and my friend are new fans to the series. We went back and finished Hack This Game 1 and 2. Right now, we’re stuck on seven. I’m hoping we can finish it before he has to go back to school.

  4. After the first Hack this Game I was really excited for the 2nd one. I came in 6th place on both of them, but now Hack this Game 3 is out and couldn’t have come at a more horrible time for me! I never get a chance to play because I’m so busy…Good Luck to everyone though :)

  5. For level 7 ya got to multiply the numbers by two and input what color they are.
    So for 1 its Y because the color is yellow. put 2’s color, then 4’s color,
    then 8’s color, then 16’s color.

    So in short

    The color 1 is
    The color 2 is
    The color 4 is
    The color 8 is
    The color 16 is

    Anyone got number 12? Help a brutha out!

  6. Okay figured out numbuh 12!

    Add the sum of every two numbers.

    For example 01 is 1. 11 is 2. 00 is 0,

    0011001100 would be 0 1 0 1 0…But instead of numbers put the letters.

    • Don’t spread misinformation.


      The given information is in binary. You have four inputs. Four is a power of 2.

  7. My bad. But now Im stuck on 21.
    Changing the colors changes the code on screen…?
    Anyone need help with something before 21?

    • file 18 please :)

      • need help on file 4

      • 16

  8. any hints on file 6? im stuck

  9. i need help on file nine

  10. Stuck on 21. The colors change
    Letter from groups 1. 2 3 and. 5 are omitted

  11. im stuck on file 19 can anyone help

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