Hack This Game 3 Hints Week 1


Each arrow translates to a button on the controller.

File 1

This time the arrows represent a direction, follow the arrows to get the code.

File 2

How would this file look if the middle line was a mirror?

File 3

More arrows? This time they represent both direction and buttons. Follow the path with the buttons.

File 4

Press the action commands in the order needed.


Record each of your inputs as well as the resulting output, this will help you get closer to the answer.


Check back next week for more hints!


  1. file 18 is so hard D:

    • How are you already at file 18?! I’m soooooooo stuck on file 7!!!

  2. alphabet

  3. any hints on 13???

  4. hints for 12 please :)

    • ok i have it

      • PLEASE HELP ME WITH FILE 12,,, i spent about 30mins getting there and now bin on 12 for over an hour :(

        • Tell me about it

        • binary code

      • what was it? having trouble with this file too

  5. stuck on 19

    • I am also completely stumped on 19 and would love a hint.

  6. Stumped at 21!

  7. Whats the point of the supercomputer and how many access lvls are there? I got to access lvl 8 in like 5 minutes.

    • go to secrets and turn on number 2 every access level you comlete you will get a hint for same file level

  8. Please help me with number 7! I don’t need the answer, just a hint please! It makes no sense!

    • start with 1

      • 1 2 4 8 16

  9. anyone help me on file 21, i’m grinding my own penis trying to figure this out.

    • {a,y,y,y,y} {a,y,y,y,b} {a,y,y,y,a} {a,y,y,y,x} {a,y,y,b,y} {a,y,y,b,b} {a,y,y,b,a} {a,y,y,b,x} {a,y,y,a,y} {a,y,y,a,b} {a,y,y,a,a} {a,y,y,a,x} {a,y,y,x,y} {a,y,y,x,b} {a,y,y,x,a} {a,y,y,x,x} {a,y,b,y,y} {a,y,b,y,b} {a,y,b,y,a} {a,y,b,y,x} {a,y,b,b,y} {a,y,b,b,b} {a,y,b,b,a} {a,y,b,b,x} {a,y,b,a,y} {a,y,b,a,b} {a,y,b,a,a} {a,y,b,a,x} {a,y,b,x,y} {a,y,b,x,b} {a,y,b,x,a} {a,y,b,x,x} {a,y,a,y,y} {a,y,a,y,b} {a,y,a,y,a} {a,y,a,y,x} {a,y,a,b,y} {a,y,a,b,b} {a,y,a,b,a} {a,y,a,b,x} {a,y,a,a,y} {a,y,a,a,b} {a,y,a,a,a} {a,y,a,a,x} {a,y,a,x,y} {a,y,a,x,b} {a,y,a,x,a} {a,y,a,x,x} {a,y,x,y,y} {a,y,x,y,b} {a,y,x,y,a} {a,y,x,y,x} {a,y,x,b,y} {a,y,x,b,b} {a,y,x,b,a} {a,y,x,b,x} {a,y,x,a,y} {a,y,x,a,b} {a,y,x,a,a} {a,y,x,a,x} {a,y,x,x,y} {a,y,x,x,b} {a,y,x,x,a} {a,y,x,x,x} {a,b,y,y,y} {a,b,y,y,b} {a,b,y,y,a} {a,b,y,y,x} {a,b,y,b,y} {a,b,y,b,b} {a,b,y,b,a} {a,b,y,b,x} {a,b,y,a,y} {a,b,y,a,b} {a,b,y,a,a} {a,b,y,a,x} {a,b,y,x,y} {a,b,y,x,b} {a,b,y,x,a} {a,b,y,x,x} {a,b,b,y,y} {a,b,b,y,b} {a,b,b,y,a} {a,b,b,y,x} {a,b,b,b,y} {a,b,b,b,b} {a,b,b,b,a} {a,b,b,b,x} {a,b,b,a,y} {a,b,b,a,b} {a,b,b,a,a} {a,b,b,a,x} {a,b,b,x,y} {a,b,b,x,b} {a,b,b,x,a} {a,b,b,x,x} {a,b,a,y,y} {a,b,a,y,b} {a,b,a,y,a} {a,b,a,y,x} {a,b,a,b,y} {a,b,a,b,b} {a,b,a,b,a} {a,b,a,b,x} {a,b,a,a,y} {a,b,a,a,b} {a,b,a,a,a} {a,b,a,a,x} {a,b,a,x,y} {a,b,a,x,b} {a,b,a,x,a} {a,b,a,x,x} {a,b,x,y,y} {a,b,x,y,b} {a,b,x,y,a} {a,b,x,y,x} {a,b,x,b,y} {a,b,x,b,b} {a,b,x,b,a} {a,b,x,b,x} {a,b,x,a,y} {a,b,x,a,b} {a,b,x,a,a} {a,b,x,a,x} {a,b,x,x,y} {a,b,x,x,b} {a,b,x,x,a} {a,b,x,x,x} {a,a,y,y,y} {a,a,y,y,b} {a,a,y,y,a} {a,a,y,y,x} {a,a,y,b,y} {a,a,y,b,b} {a,a,y,b,a} {a,a,y,b,x} {a,a,y,a,y} {a,a,y,a,b} {a,a,y,a,a} {a,a,y,a,x} {a,a,y,x,y} {a,a,y,x,b} {a,a,y,x,a} {a,a,y,x,x} {a,a,b,y,y} {a,a,b,y,b} {a,a,b,y,a} {a,a,b,y,x} {a,a,b,b,y} {a,a,b,b,b} {a,a,b,b,a} {a,a,b,b,x} {a,a,b,a,y} {a,a,b,a,b} {a,a,b,a,a} {a,a,b,a,x} {a,a,b,x,y} {a,a,b,x,b} {a,a,b,x,a} {a,a,b,x,x} {a,a,a,y,y} {a,a,a,y,b} {a,a,a,y,a} {a,a,a,y,x} {a,a,a,b,y} {a,a,a,b,b} {a,a,a,b,a} {a,a,a,b,x} {a,a,a,a,y} {a,a,a,a,b} {a,a,a,a,a} {a,a,a,a,x} {a,a,a,x,y} {a,a,a,x,b} {a,a,a,x,a} {a,a,a,x,x} {a,a,x,y,y} {a,a,x,y,b} {a,a,x,y,a} {a,a,x,y,x} {a,a,x,b,y} {a,a,x,b,b} {a,a,x,b,a} {a,a,x,b,x} {a,a,x,a,y} {a,a,x,a,b} {a,a,x,a,a} {a,a,x,a,x} {a,a,x,x,y} {a,a,x,x,b} {a,a,x,x,a} {a,a,x,x,x} {a,x,y,y,y} {a,x,y,y,b} {a,x,y,y,a} {a,x,y,y,x} {a,x,y,b,y} {a,x,y,b,b} {a,x,y,b,a} {a,x,y,b,x} {a,x,y,a,y} {a,x,y,a,b} {a,x,y,a,a} {a,x,y,a,x} {a,x,y,x,y} {a,x,y,x,b} {a,x,y,x,a} {a,x,y,x,x} {a,x,b,y,y} {a,x,b,y,b} {a,x,b,y,a} {a,x,b,y,x} {a,x,b,b,y} {a,x,b,b,b} {a,x,b,b,a} {a,x,b,b,x} {a,x,b,a,y} {a,x,b,a,b} {a,x,b,a,a} {a,x,b,a,x} {a,x,b,x,y} {a,x,b,x,b} {a,x,b,x,a} {a,x,b,x,x} {a,x,a,y,y} {a,x,a,y,b} {a,x,a,y,a} {a,x,a,y,x} {a,x,a,b,y} {a,x,a,b,b} {a,x,a,b,a} {a,x,a,b,x} {a,x,a,a,y} {a,x,a,a,b} {a,x,a,a,a} {a,x,a,a,x} {a,x,a,x,y} {a,x,a,x,b} {a,x,a,x,a} {a,x,a,x,x} {a,x,x,y,y} {a,x,x,y,b} {a,x,x,y,a} {a,x,x,y,x} {a,x,x,b,y} {a,x,x,b,b} {a,x,x,b,a} {a,x,x,b,x} {a,x,x,a,y} {a,x,x,a,b} {a,x,x,a,a} {a,x,x,a,x} {a,x,x,x,y} {a,x,x,x,b} {a,x,x,x,a} {a,x,x,x,x}

      Try one of those

      • Normally, we don’t like players to give out answers to questions. In this case, we’re making an exception.

      • So, we atleast now know it starts with A

        • Aye? Why? Ex? Why? Bee? 😉

  10. any help for file 18??

  11. Level 18 – the vowels are the key.

    Can anyone PLEASE give me some sort of hint on 19? it is driving me crazy.

  12. now stuck on 21

  13. anybody else finish yet?

  14. file 21, each color is a differnt code so im not sure ive tried liek a million codes

    • Can u help me on file 13

  15. A good hint for file 12 – keep on randomly hitting the buttons, that’s how I got through that one, I didn’t even understand the hint the game gives you, which is, 00 01 1011 , that’s the whole hint, the real hint and nothing but the hint.

    • Or, even better, see how many numbers are listed in total (below the a = 0, b = 1, etc), then think how there are 5 individual inputs for an answer….

      and then….answer.

      • i need help on file 12 please it kinda reminds me of hangman but i still dont get i need help please

        • How good were you at algebra? I was able to work this out algebraically using the numbers 1-4.

  16. I can not seem to figure out file 3! Can someone please give me a better hint?

    • Pretend that ABXY are just aarows on a d pad, then follow the boxes in a pattern

  17. file 19 is crap. The hint is patterns. I see so many patterns that do not translate into the final equation. Any extra hints?

    • I’m presently stuck on file 19 myself. Every time I think I have a viable answer, the key at the top (A=1 B=2 C=3) gets in the way. I’m obviously looking at this incorrectly…

  18. i really feel crappy. May someone please help me with file 1. maybe I’m thinking to hard.

    • nvm

  19. HELP me on 12

  20. Need help with file 14 please some one give me hints or something thank u

    • how did u complete file 12

      • add only two numbers together at the time. ex: a=0,b=1,x=2,y=3
        0001000011 so it will be ababb.

    • File 14 looks like a random group of numbers, right? Look carefully. Notice there are 5 columns of numbers. Also notice none of the numbers are higher than 26. Only one number in each column fits the puzzle.

  21. File 14 TIPS ;( So annoying

  22. How the heck do you solve 19 it makes no sense!!!!

  23. Me and my friend are really stuck on file 7. Any hints?

  24. i need help on file 12 please it kinda reminds me of hangman but i still dont get i need help please

    • Learn binary _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    • binary has nothing to do with it

      • Yes it does.

  25. help on file 6 plz

  26. Help on 4

  27. Anyone got 21? There’s a different code for each color on the dpad. Not really sure what to do with it.

    • all i can comfirm is that it begins with (a)so just keep
      looking to see the bigger picture

  28. Fill 14 tip, if A is YY and AY is X then X is also YYY since A is YY, write down them all on paper and you will easily get It

    Any tips for 16?

  29. 16 tip – just think bellow the line 😉
    17 tip – Subtract
    18 tip – Just we out vowels then you will see it is a cypher

  30. File 19 – use 1st and 2nd line, to get 3rd, no more help now guys, your all on your own 😛

  31. Just a little trick for the super computer if your stuck on 1, just type in the output letters, then the output of the letters you just put in, just keep typing in the output and you will get it sooner or later.

    • this is not true as in later stages with the supercomputer
      they change the button config eg when you press a the outcome
      is y look at the top of the screen when you see two boxes
      the first is what you have just pressed and the second is
      the outcome look at the difference between the two to
      get the right outcome

  32. Wow now I am stuck on 21, any help people?

    • theres not to much i can reveal except as you can see above i can
      comfirm it begins with A the other 3 are pretty easy
      after 21

  33. stuck on 24 help

  34. i have finish the game code sent through thank you for this game been waiting for a good challenge

  35. need help with flie 16. more hints would be nice thank you

    • nvm… need help with file 23.

  36. File 17 is killing me. I saw the hint saying to subtract, but iI just don’t understand how you are supposed to get the answer at all. Please help.

  37. I ran into a problem with file 22. After I enter the correct answer, the green bar fills up and then the game crashes:
    “The game has unexpectedly stopped working. Please try again. If problems persist, please contact the creator of the game.
    Code 4”

    Any ideas?

    • Try deleted the game and clear your system cache and redownloading it. Just a guess, but worth a shot.

  38. top hackers list revealed

  39. Just passed file 23 and the game shut off and to tell the creator…

  40. How I do supercomputer

  41. 1-10 walkthrough link—> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fb0ksNdpN-U

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