Hack This Game 3 Hints Week 2

File 6

Each icon gives a hint about the clue. The first icon shows A on the second highest pedestal. How would this translate to a 5 button code?

File 7

Start with 1, and multiply by 2 until you have 5 answers.

File 8

Each of these segments can be assigned a numerical equivalent to help find an answer.

File 9

Plug in numbers to help solve this one. If the answer to the problem is negative, its Y. If it’s even it’s A, Odd B and zero X.


Check back next week for more hints!


  1. File 14 tip anybody?

  2. I need help on file 13 some one help please

    • the 5 letters abaya have y be the first letter (all the letters move to the left until y is first)

  3. Need help on level 14 i think the first 2 letters are a and y then after idk what it can be doesn’t make sense

  4. I’m stuck on file 8.

  5. I still don’t get file 7. Help Anyone?

  6. Anyone help me with file 8

  7. File 6 makes no sense on screen or on your hint you gave

    • To the left you can havetwo arrows indicating that Y shall be your start and finish… Then the rest falls into place perfectly. :)

  8. I am also stuck on file 14….. I agree on the A, Y… After that I’m lost!

  9. The hint for file 7 is far too vague. I have multiplied by 2, and I don’t understand what to do from there.

  10. im stuck on file 9… help anyone?

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