Hack This Game 3 Hints Week 4

File 16

Notice the pattern in each of the columns. There is one column with no letters, what would this column start with?

File 17

The left side of this file shows an example. There are three strange symbols, the first being the most complex. Notice how the second and third symbol put together make up the first symbol. On the right side of the file, there are 5 sets of 2 symbols, your job is to figure out what the third symbol will be for each of these sets.

File 18

The key to this file is in the vowels of each philosopher’s name.

File 19

The middle section borrows letters from its left and right. The position of the letters borrowed are the same for each of the three sections.


Check back next week for the last set of hints, Good Luck!


  1. I’m completely lost at 16

    • file 16 has completley lost me too have you got any more clues

      for me ? would be very much appreciated

  2. Think about what comes under the line …

    • Thank you for this, I’ve been on this puzzle for god knows how long and your hint helped
      me solve it

  3. I need help with 19 so badlyX

  4. Lost at 17

  5. I really need help on file 19 the hint is not clear enough for me can someone please clear this up

  6. 16 is not clear at all. I’m still stuck on it!! Please, someone give me a helpful hint!!!! Please!!

  7. file 17 WTF?

  8. where are the hits for file 20, file 21, file 23 and file 24?????

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