Kingdom out now!


Kingdom is a strategy game about earning gold, building soldiers and controlling land.

Some features:

  • Play through a tutorial to get familiar with the pieces and strategy.
  • Play on 50 different campaign maps.
  • Different play settings, control land, earn money or conquer the enemy.
  • Earn medals for going above and beyond.
  • 5 Unique pieces to control.
  • Upgrade units at the right time to deliver crushing blows.


1 Comment

  1. You guys should have considered/still should consider adding a level editor and/or a matchmaking service/custom game browser. I still enjoy the game, but the computer is a little simplistic in its thinking, it always will take a piece if its available so it’s easy to trap. Also; in the tutorial screen the prices for building the upgraded pieces is wrong. It notes that the bishop is 3000 and the queen is 9000 while in game they are 2000 and 5000 respectively. Maybe adding a difficulty option would increase the replay value. Definitely worth $1, but it could be worth much more.

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