Hack This Game 3 Final Hints

File 21

There are two things you should take notice of. The color of the tint and what button is missing in each of the tints. The color of the tint will give you the position information and the missing button will give you the button information.

File 22

Set the tint to the first letter in the code. The bottom letter will give you the correct button.

File 23

Once again, it’s not what buttons are shown, but which ones aren’t…

File 24

Add two numbers and subtract from the sum of two other numbers.


That concludes the hints for Hack This Game 3, Good Luck!


  1. Got error code 4 and cant continue the game after level 23. How to fix?

    • it happened to me too :( and it happened on hack this game 4, same place. NOT COOL!

  2. I do not understand how the colours coordinate with the order on File 21, please give me a little bit of a simpler hint.

  3. My only problem with file 23 is that it resets every time you miss. If it doesn’t, then I’d like to know so that I can keep the ones that I know are correct.

  4. Can someone explain 21 a little better I’m not understanding how four tints and four missing buttons gives me five buttons. Lol. I’m extremely irritated at this point. Thanks!

  5. Is there going to be a Hack This Game 4? If so, any idea of an approximate timeframe? I don’t want to suddenly find out that I missed the next race, if I can avoid it.

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