Hack This Game 4 Now Available

Hack This Game 4

This is our 4th and final installment of the popular Hack This Game series. We owe a debt of gratitude to all of you for your support and we hope you have as much fun playing this final edition as we had making it! As always, the first 3 to finish Hack This Game 4 will have their avatars featured on the cover*!

Start hacking!

*no premium content on Avatars.


If you cant get enough puzzles check out our iPhone game Implex, we developed this to be the “Hack This Game” for iPhones. Rather than entering in a numerical or button based code Implex requires you to use gestures. This means you have to swipe, shake, tilt, tap and zoom to solve each puzzle.


  1. Stuck on 14 :(

  2. Just got done with it! Twas fun. 😛 Hope to see another soon.

  3. Finished! There were some frustrating ones, mostly due to me thinking too literal, like on the follow the arrows.

  4. Ugh…I’m stuck on 24. I must be thinking too hard about it and over analyzing.

  5. Finished! Finally! It took me long enough…lol

    • Any help on 14?

  6. Ok now I’m on 24 and I don’t understand how which opposites are attracting?

  7. Finally done, last hint was a bit funny I must say! I doubt I’m top 3 though!

  8. Beat it in 2 hours or under better be in the top 3

  9. hi i cant get past file 2 someone please help

  10. Just finished it 1am 9-13 Hopefully in the top 10! I love these.

  11. i can’t figure out 4 im rotating and still get it wrong :/ plz help

  12. This was by far the easiest one, and I’m sure I would have been first if I had seen this when it had gone up. I figured I’d see how far I could get in half an hour, but I ended up beating it.

  13. someone please help me i cant do number 13 i have been here so long :(

  14. file 2 is xaaby, file 4 is xyaba, file 13 is xyxab, now someone for the love of god plz help with 14 i really need help on that one

    • help on 9

    • HELP ON 14 PLZ

      • 16

  15. dont understand number 7 plz help

    • nvm


    • yup,im on 22 and its kickibg my azz…

  17. yup,im on 22 and its kicking my azz…

  18. another hint for 22? plz lol

  19. I just beat the game. Does that mean I win?

  20. What is number 7 for gods sake please!

  21. Need help on number 2 or i think i shall smash my Xbox

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