Hack This Game 4 Hints Week 1


The buttons have colors too.

File 1

Enter code from small to large.

File 2

Rearrange each according to the arrow path.

File 3

Start at each button and press the button the arrow is pointing to.

File 4

A is both 0 and 360 degrees, spin it clockwise for the rest.

Robot mini game

If you’re stuck on any of them, try tracing out the intended path in your head or on paper.


Check back next week for more hints!

Feel free to help each other out with hints but any posts with answers will be deleted.


  1. i can not get passed file 2 on hack this game 4 PLZZZZZZ HELP :)

    • rearange the letters on it from the arrows

      • What is the pattern? Apparently I can’t do it.

  2. how do i pass file 3 its the bullshit game i love it but cant get pass it tell me now fuck tards

    • Asking for help using force/vulgarity is a good way not to get it.

  3. File #3 ha ha ha, who’s the f##k tard

  4. File 4 — ‘A is both 0 and 360 degrees’…
    I am guessing that means the A button applies on both spots. Even so, I can’t figure this one out and I’ve tried a lot, and a lot where A wasn’t in those spaces

  5. Disregard my previous post. Somehow I figured it out, but thanks anyways :)

  6. I cannot get past file 2 i know i gotta rearrange. But me and my mom tried every possible combo… PLZ HALP!!!!

  7. i need help with file 2. ive tried every possible combo and it didnt work…

    • Each of the letters get moved by the arrows. If you look at the arrow from the first A it loops around and goes to the second position. This means that A is in the second position of the final code.

      Good luck!

      • WOW! that was alot easier then i thought. thank you.

  8. the sequence for file 2 is xaaby

  9. Plzzzz help I’m stuck on file 4

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