Hack This Game 4 Hints Week 2

File 6

The boxed area shows the Key and the bottom area shows the result after pressing all 5 buttons.

File 7

Each box represents a button, start at A.

File 8

The Y axis represents what button to press and the X axis represents when to press it.

File 9

Follow the pattern, the last two will look like Y Y _ and Y Y _


Check back next week for more hints!

Feel free to help each other out with hints but any posts with answers will be deleted.


  1. I’m having some issues with 6.

  2. help on 13 plz

  3. help with nine. can someone give me a better hint

    • the pattern is A B X Y, adding a Y before after each loop.
      Example: A B X Y YA YB YX YY YYA …

  4. A little more help on nine

  5. OMG 22!

  6. i need help with 3

  7. my head hurts

  8. need help on 7 I think

  9. i just found this game and i’m having difficulties with login and getting the game started. Any help would be much appreciated

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