Hack This Game 4 Hints Week 3

File 11

4 circles represent the arrangement of the buttons on the controller. These, however, have all been squished together. After pressing the first code, mentally erase the top, bottom and left circle from the image and continue with the rest of the code.

File 12

It says to press Y after B. This means to press Y after every B.

File 13

Each small section will fit into the large section. Overlaps are allowed, but they must be the same button type.

File 14

Start at 0 and count to 5, pay attention to the direction that each of the sequential numbers are in. 1 is to the right of 0, how can this translate to the button positions?


Check back next week for more hints!

Feel free to help each other out with hints but any posts with answers will be deleted.


  1. im stuck on level 14… cant seem to figure out what to do… any suggestions?

    • The 1 is to the right of the 0, right corresponds to B on the controller. Now do the same from 1 to 2.

  2. I can’t get 13… and after reading the clue I feel confused even more

    • “Overlaps are allowed as long as they are the same button”

      So for example XAX and AXB could overlap to form XAXB

  3. im stuck on file 11….the hint seems a little hard to follow

    • 14*

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