Hack This Game Hints Week 4

File 16

The 5 button code to the right of the maze tells you which direction to move.

File 17

These arrows will show you which direction the next button is from the last button.

File 18

If the arrow is pointing at an A or Y, then that’s the button code, if its pointing to either side then what code will it have to be?

File 19

Imagine what lines are missing from each 9 dot grid.


Check back next week for more hints!

Feel free to help each other out with hints but any posts with answers will be deleted.


  1. Don’t get 16

    • Think of the letters on the right as arrows. B is right A is down and so on. Take the sequence from the left and work your way from where it says start here.

      • Your sequence from the right the B,A,B,Y,B sorry use that and guide yourself.

  2. Need serious help on file 18 I’ve tried what the hint says. If the arrow is on A or Y then that’s the right one then it would have to be X or B if the arrows are on either side. it doesn’t work. Please help me.

    • if you look at your controller it is Y over A so if it says A (arrow left) over Y,flip it so it is Y (arrow right) over A…….hope this helps

  3. me no understand 19 by imagine the missing lines what does that mean

  4. any one know any hints for #19….it would be greatly appreciated

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