Hack This Game 4 Final Hints

File 21

First, break the line of numbers up into threes. What does a set of 3 numbers (001) have to do with the three colors shown?

File 22

The first line is shown as a list of instructions with the instructions to perform underneath it.

File 23

Add each of the top circles to each of the bottom circles.

File 24

Notice that no letter is above, below or next to itself.


That’s it for Hack This Game 4, we will still be accepting e-mails for our top hackers list throughout this week.

Feel free to help each other out with hints but any posts with answers will be deleted.


  1. Need help in file 22!!

  2. I need help on 22 please

  3. So lost on 22. Any help would be appreciated

  4. Could really use a hint on 22

    • Ok so the answer is that line up top, you just use the legend provided at the bottom to get it so when there’s an x instead you’d put a b, when there’s a y you put an a, when there’s an a you backspace the last one and when there’s a b you put an xy

    • FILE 22 – A = delete (backspace)

  5. Is there gonna be a hack this game collection hints?

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